April 6th ~ 2-4PM ~ Campaign Kickoff

April 6th ~ 2-4PM ~ Campaign Kickoff


Activist, educator, and former mayor, Dr. W.W. Herenton is launching a campaign to return proven leadership to city governance this Saturday, April 6th.


From 2 to 4 PM at 3356 South 3rd Street—next to the old Crystal Palace skating rink—we will register voters and sign up volunteers, but most importantly, Doc will outline his campaign platform.


Dr. Herenton is the most transformative mayor in the history of Memphis. During his historic tenure, his administration reshaped the city skyline, reduced crime and blight, and altered the trajectory of the lives of countless Memphians by giving them a second chance.


Broad-based economic growth, a feature of his time in office, was only possible because of the support from people who call Memphis home. We’re asking those same folks to come down this Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM at South 3rd and Mitchell to help us “do it again”.


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