Why Now?

Why Now?

Some of the same fundamental problems plaguing Memphis when I marched with Dr. King have yet to be addressed. 

When I left office in 2009, my agenda to improve the lives of our citizens was unfinished. My goal to empower the people of our city to live their best lives was hijacked by those with a different agenda—an agenda that profits from maintaining the status quo, empowers the few, and neglects the many.

The passion and resources that had been poised to lift people out of poverty were sapped and re-directed.

The leadership of the city reverted to business as usual. 

Our City is adrift and no longer anchored by the things that bind us together. We are at a critical juncture in the history of our city—just as we were in 1992 when we came together to begin laying the foundation for a more inclusive and prosperous city for us all.

Now with wisdom rooted in a lifetime of public service and an inextinguishable passion to finish what we started, I am certain that my plan for the city and her people will bear fruit for generations to come.

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