Why Doc?

Why Doc?

Because it’s about people.

It’s about breaking the cycle of poverty in Memphis by building families, not creating facades.

It’s about increasing options for people, not just profits for portfolios.

It’s about guaranteeing an equal opportunity to participate in our city’s prosperity, not just waiving taxes for temporary corporate tenants.

It’s about honoring promises to those who serve and protect, not forsaking them by funneling resources into questionable business ventures.

What is the value of prosperity for the few when the majority are neglected, excluded, and disregarded?

I believe Memphis’ greatest power is her people. I have devoted nearly 50 years of my life to public service, and in that time, I successfully managed the two largest governmental institutions in Memphis. I shepherded into realization the signature projects that transformed the landscape of our city—from improving public housing, to bringing AutoZone Park and Peabody Place to fruition and building FedEx Forum. But notwithstanding these accomplishments, I believe the best investment we can make as a city is one made in her people.

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